Heavy transport – the heavier, the more unwieldy, the more exotic

These are the challenges that Forkel Logistics employees like. Ever since the company was founded, the company has specialized in special and heavy transport and has acquired a wide range of expertise to this day. Forkel Logistics assumes the role of a director who coordinates and manages all necessary steps from the first site visit to the final delivery. This of course includes all special permits and the entire customs clearance.

Heavy load transport in February 2019
from Hamburg to CH-Mühleberg

Join us in loading a 19 tons 10 feet container, which will be taken to Switzerland.

In this particular case, the challenge was to have a 10 ‚ISO Container, content is a control unit, (2.99 x 2.44 x 2.59 m, 17.5 t) and lots of accessories, undamaged from a room with a headroom of 2, 90 m to load on the trailer.

Another difficulty was the limited space available on the premises; at the same time placing a heavy-duty crane truck and a mega-trailer so that the extended telescopic crane does not damage the company building when the container is picked up, but also loads the container that has been picked up on the forthcoming trailer.